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Spata_01 Jun 15, 2023
How can I set autosell to sell everytime I break a block?
vk2gpz Jun 15, 2023
the latest version should sell as you mine.  The old version had the option to wait until your inventory is full.
Spata_01 Jun 15, 2023
It doesn't work tho, this is the code:[TeamVK](
    alias: "&a&lAutosell&r"
    description: "Automatically sell all items in your inventory and VKBackPack."
      BlockBreakEvent: "HIGHEST"
      TEBlockExplodeEvent: "MONITOR"
      PlayerInteractEvent: "MONITOR"
    price: 150000
    max: 1
    use_action_bar: true
    action_bar_message: "&aYou've sold &e%itemssold% &afor &e%price%&a."
    display_message: false
    display_message_interval: 60
      - "&bItems Sold:&r %itemssold%"
      - "&bPrice:&r %price%"
    use_right_click: false # true will allow you to initiate autosell with right click
    sell_inventory: true # true will try to sell sellable items in the inventory as well.
    occurrence: always

vk2gpz Jun 16, 2023
is your AutoSellEnchant is processing block break event?
Spata_01 Jun 16, 2023
How can I see if it's doing it?
vk2gpz Jun 16, 2023
I suggest you create a support ticket on my Discord channel.
Spata_01 Jun 16, 2023
ok, my ID is spata01, I think I need the role to write a ticket
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