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AleMastro Dec 6, 2020
Explosive Death:

Explosive doesn't happen only on death but on hit too
vk2gpz Dec 6, 2020
please use the official support site ( to seek a help (please make sure to submit your config file and describe how you can re-produce any issue you have).
fra130701 Feb 5, 2021
I do not te license. (I paid the plugin on spigot but developer decided to remove me license because i was rude with him (because tokenenchant has been removed from spigot and polymart too).

I'm sorryh about that.

EXPLOSIONS HAPPENS while hitting player with enchanted item and not at the death.
YOU can test this on public server test (i'm banned)
fra130701 Feb 7, 2021
After update explosive death is not working too..

Explosions are happening while hitting players with item enchanted with eplosivedeath
vk2gpz Feb 7, 2021
please stop harassing me.  There is nothing wrong with CE and you do not get any support since you do not own TE.
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