NOTE: This is a custom enchantment module for TokenEnchant plugin.

This custom enchantment will allow you to wear a piece of equipment, say a helmet, with this enchantment, and you can freeze (No-AI) mbos by simply looking at it. 

When you look away or moved away, the mobs will be unfrozen.

Demo Video:

How to Install:
copy TE-MedusaEnchant.jar into plugins/TokenEnchant/enchants folder.

Recommended Items: Helmet

Upon loading Medusa enchant, Medusa_config.yml will be auto-generated in the enchants folder.

You can pre-define what sort of mob types can be frozen under targets: section.

    description: "Freeze them with your stare!"
      PlayerMoveEvent: "HIGHEST"
    price: 10
    max: 3
    ray_size: 0.0  #making this bigger will increase the are of ray casting.
    distance_multiplier: 2
    freeze_multiplier: 2
    max_distance: 32
      - ZOMBIE
      - SKELETON