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Jaky Jan 18, 2022
Hi I bought this addon this afternoon and it doesn't work. Could you tell me the right versions of tokenenchant? (I use a paper spigot 1.12.2) if possible could you please tell me the versions compatible with:

Gemstone (1.0.1)
AutoSellEnchant (2.11.0)
ExplosiveEnchant (8.4.0)
KeyMinerEnchant (1.2.0)
LightningEnchant (4.8.0)
RewardFinderEnchant (1.3.0)
SlicingEnchant (6.9.0)
TokenMinerEnchant (2.2.1)
UnbreakableEnchant (3.3.0)

please would you be very helpful as I would not like to have thrown away 5 euros for a non-working addon
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