This addon allows your TokenEnchant to apply different maximum enchantment level depending on item's/player's level gained from LevelUp plugin.

For example, your Excavation enchant might have its max level set to 10, but you can define LevelUp based max enchant levels for different LevelUp levels.  Say, up to level 2, the max enchant level is limited to 3 but level 3 and above can have the max level up to 5, and level 6 and up can have max 10 level.


To install this addon, just place TEAddon-LevelUpEnchantCondition-x.x.x.jar in 'plugin/TokenEnchant/addons' folder and restart the server or do '/te reload'.


    config_error_message: "&c[TE-LUEC] An error occured in reading the config."
    limit_message: "&c[TE-LUEC] The max enchantment level for this enchant (&e%enchant%&c) at this level is &e%level_max%&c."
    max_message: "&a[TE-LUEC] The max enchantment level for the enchant (&e%enchant%&a) at the level &e%level% &ais &e%level_max%&a."
    no_such_enchant_message: "&c[TE-LUEC] No such an enchantment called &e%enchant%&c."
        msg: "/te luec <enchantment> <level> : display max enchantment level available for the specified level."
        permission: ""
        1: 2  # levelup level 0 - 1 can have max enchantment level 2
        3: 4  # levelup level 2 - 3 can have max enchantment level 4, and level 4 and above can have max level Laser's max