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AussieOG Jul 3, 2021
One of the best "shortcuts" you could ever buy for just $2 (at the time of purchace) - This addon takes 10000's of keystrokes on large kit setups for admins, then when yuor done - Easy Insta-Shop for your players When TeamVK makes a plugin - its always something epic, working and beatutifuly coded! Never failed to load, updated quicker than a server owner could keep up with and NEVER broken once! (EVER) GG! <3 Great plugin! Worth every cent!
Version 1.6.3
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augesrob Feb 3, 2021
Great Plugin. The dev was really fast at my support. 1.1.0 works on paper spigot 1.16.5 no issues at all. Thanks for this wonderful update!
Version 1.1.0

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