NOTE: This a custom enchant module requires TokenEnchant plugin.

This plugin contains a custom enchantment effect that allows you to mine an entire mine at once!

It should be warned that this is extremely OP enchant and it is strongly recommended to apply appropriate occurrence (chance) value and/or cooldown value.

Demo Video:


Just install TE-MneWipeEnchant.jar in TokenEnchant/enchants folder. Then you can either "restart the server" or "reload the plugin (not /te reload)". SlicingEnchantment will automatically be loaded into TokenEnchant framework.


MineWipe_config.yml will automatically be generated upon the first restart.

NOTE: Make sure to configure your WorldGuard (block-break : allow)

  description: "Wipe out the entire mine! It is recommended to be used with AutoSell."
    BlockBreakEvent: "MONITOR"
    TEBlockExplodeEvent: "MONITOR"
  price: 10
  max: 1  # Since it will wipe out all blocks in the mine, no need to have levels
  # you can nominate the world, which prevents explosive
    - plotworld
  # you can turn on automatic pickup.
  pickup: false
  # you can tunrn on automatic smelting
  smelt: false
  # you can turn on/off explostion sound/visual effects
  effect: true
  # you can turn on/off explostion sound effects
  sound: true
  # You can set the occurrence of explosion.
  # random: randomly occur based on the level
  # always: explosion occur always.
  occurrence: random
  cooldown: 20  # inseconds
  cooldown_message: "" #"&a[TE] You have to wait for &b%remaining% &aseconds."
  maxRadius: 100  #in case you miss config your mine.
  # You can set the list of blocks exempt from explosiont.
  # use this list to avoid your crates being exploded.
  # AIR and BEDROCK are already exempted by defalt
    - LADDER

  # the number of blocks per processing.
  # if your server can handle a large number of blocks being processed at the time, increase this value.
  BlockPerTEBlockExplodeEvent: 200

It would be greatly appreciated for your donation for the provision of support for this plugin (PayPal: [email protected])