This is an addon to alter how TokenEnchant manipulates item's lore.
This lore handling addon will let you specify where in the lore you wish to start listing vanilla enchants and/or custom enchants by providing the headings in its config.  Names of vanilla enchants and custom enchants will be alphabetically ordered and listed under each heading.

To install this addon, just place TEAddon-AlphabeticalLore-x.x.x.jar in 'plugin/TokenEnchant/addons' folder and restart the server.

For example, If an item has leading lore and tailing lore and headings in between as shown below, vanilla and custom enchants will be listed under each heading.

[img] tag
[img] tag
If an item does not have headings for vanilla and/or custom enchants, it will try to place vanilla and custom enchants names at the top in alphabetical order.

[img] tag[img] tag