NOTE: This a custom enchant module requires TokenEnchant plugin.

This plugin contains a custom enchantment effect that allows you pierce through the opponent's armour to give more damage!  Highest enchantment level will give the original damage of your weapon to your opponent regardless of the opponent's armour.

Demo Video:

Just install TE-ArmorPiercingEnchant.jar in TokenEnchant/enchants folder. Then you can either "restart the server" or "reload the plugin (not /te reload)". PiercingEnchantment will automatically be loaded into TokenEnchant framework.


      price: 10
      max: 10
      cooldown: -1
      cooldown_message: "" #"&a[TE] You have to wait for &b%remaining% &aseconds."
      occurrence: random

It would be greatly appreciated for your donation for the provision of support for this plugin.
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