NOTE: This a custom enchant module require TokenEnchant plugin.

This plugin contains a custom enchantment effect which allows you to decapitate other player's and other living entity's head!.  If the "occurrence" is set to "random", the chance of head drop will increase according to the level of enchanting.

Just install TE-DecapitateEnchant.jar in TokenEnchant/enchants folder. Then you can either "restart the server" or "reload the plugin (not /te reload)". DecapitateEnchantment will automatically be loaded into TokenEnchant framework.


        EntityDeathEvent: "NORMAL"
        PlayerDeathEvent: "NORMAL"
      price: 10
      max: 1
      drop_player_head: true
      drop_player_head_chance: 100
      drop_mob_head: false   # if this is true friendly mobs drops their head
      drop_mob_head_chance: 30
      drop_hostile_mob_head: true # this is for hostile mobs.
      drop_hostile_mob_head_chance: 20
      killed_message: "Killed by %killer%"
      head_message: "%killed%'s Head"
      decapitated_message: "&b%killed% was beheaded by %killer%"
      display_message: true
      occurrence: random
        - WITHER